Foot Care Testimonials in Lynn, MA

"Dr. Sanphy and his staff always help me to put my best foot forward !!!"

"I saw Dr. Sanphy several years ago and compared to a foot doctor that I had just went to, he is 100 percent better. Sanphy is professional and genuinely caring about his patients, he is respectful and personable. I don't know why I didn't go back to him, but I regret the fact I went elsewhere. I highly recommend him."

"Dr. Sanphy provides very professional service, and he is extremely personable. Felt comfortable with him and would recommend him."

"Dr. Sanphy is very professional and knowledgeable. He has a great personality and is a pleasure to visit, even if it is for one's feet."

"Dr. Sanphy is great. He's very friendly, very punctual, very helpful and gets the job done. I don't have regular foot problems, just got an infection from a bad cut. It only took 2 visits for him to clear it up. He's very knowledgeable and will answer questions, all while making you laugh and helping you forget that your feet are killing you! I know many people who have seen him for specialty and also for ongoing issues. Highly recommend him."